Welcome to “Good Morning, Super” Official Podcast Website

Welcome to Good Morning Super Podcast Website!

Welcome to the official website for our podcast, “Good Morning, Super.”

I created this podcast to share information that can impact the profession and livelihood of primarily Building “Supers” and Resident Managers. 

Several years ago, when I started on my journey in this industry, I realized that there weren’t many places to go to learn more about being a Building Superintendent.

The few online courses could cost thousands of dollars, but they never really gave me the kind of training or confidence I needed to succeed in running a building, its staff or to guide the expectations of a Condo or Co-op’s Board or Landlord. 

When I did learn something valuable, it came from another Super. But every Super, in a way, is like a “lone wolf,” living and learning on his or her own. The problem is that without collaboration with peers, the valuable experiences and lessons learned — the institutional knowledge — are often lost between generations of Supers. 

Supers will often have to “reinvent the wheel” of the best practices in the industry and most likely repeat the mistakes of his predecessors.

The mission of Good Morning, Super!  is to preserve this knowledge and create a foundation for the future generation of Supers to become successful.

There’s another goal of this website, which isn’t spoken about enough in our industry: educating Supers about earning potential.

I’ve found nothing out there that helps Supers understand just how to turn their career into a stable and rewarding path towards financial independence. Is it possible? YES!

More than ever, Supers have to think more entrepreneurially. There are so many opportunities out there to learn more and increase your value.  Delivering this intelligently to your customers can earn you more money without sacrificing the professionalism and reputation for trustworthiness and honesty.

This podcast is to help Supers find their own path to financial independence and professional happiness.  We’ll cover such topics as:

  • How to spot good opportunities in the part-time Super matchmaking 
  • Pricing for value (of side jobs, new clients)
  • Which skills increase a Super’s value the most 

“Good Morning Super!” podcast is not only for Supers, but for Handy-persons, Porters and anyone else looking to learn more, grow and join the ranks of Building Supers. 

Subscribe to keep up to date with industry news, best industry practices, and, at the end of the day, to have fun. Join us and our guests in keeping the Super tradition new and fresh in the coming age.