Four Dos and Don’ts of Additional Work as a Part-time Super

Good Morning, Super!
Good Morning, Super!
Four Dos and Don'ts of Additional Work as a Part-time Super

Part-time supers are often seen as the “one-stop” shop and the main “go-to” person for getting repair work and other odds-and-ends done at a building. 


It can be a perfect match for the Part-time Super, who may be looking to make additional income at their buildings, and also for the residents, who need someone they can trust and rely on for such work.


But, it comes with a caveat: do this the wrong way, and it can hurt your reputation and trust that you built up, not to mention your pride and wallet!  


In this episode, we describe the four dos and don’ts of additional work as a part-time super work. They are: 

  1. Don’t overpromise or take on too much work
  2. Stay inside your comfort and skill level 
  3. Be honest with your customer whenever that you’ve made a mistake. Think about your reputation.
  4. Don’t get tunnel vision with pricing. Be flexible.

I also describe some types of extra work you can usually take on as a Part-time Super and earn you great income.

Follow this as your basic road to success as a Part-time Super!