Live-in Building Super VS Part-time Super: Who is the Winner?

Good Morning, Super!
Good Morning, Super!
Live-in Building Super VS Part-time Super: Who is the Winner?

Finally, the weekend is here! For me, it was a hectic week. Some mistakes were made and valuable lessons were learned. Talking about mistakes, it would be great to get your feedback on this true story:  

“A $300 flower bouquet was delivered to a building (there is no doorman). The delivery person buzzed the resident, who was not home, so he stepped into the building when someone was exiting and went upstairs to the apartment floor. 

The delivery person left the flowers near the recipient’s apartment, which also happened to be next to the building’s designated trash pickup area (let’s just say that due to the building’s strange layout and policy, the exact border where the trash pickup area begins and ends is very unclear). 

The next day, building porter threw the bouquet away after noticing water leaking from the pot, thinking that this item was left out for trash.” 

Needless to say, this created a stir as to whose responsibility this was: (1) the Porter who threw this out, (2) the delivery person or flower store who left the item unattended and without proper protection; or the (3) Co-op for having the strange layout and policy that caused this confusion. 

Who would you think is responsible for this $300 mishap? By next week, I’ll let you know how the Co-op Board and property manager had decided.

Anyway, I would like to end this week with a podcast and Youtube video about a topic I’m often asked about: “Which is the better career — a Live-in or Part-time Building Super career?”

For many years, I’ve had the chance to see how both of these paths turn out, and I’ve discovered that there’s so many pros of both types of career. But, as with anything in life, there’s some noteworthy cons as well. 

For one thing, when you make mistakes like the one in the story above, you could be financially liable for mistakes. Thank goodness that this item was only $300; what would happen if this was a MUCH more expensive mistake (hint: that’s why professional part-time supers should carry sufficient insurance). 

In this podcast, I weigh the pros and cons of each career to see if there’s a rhyme or reason to this question. 

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Sit back, and enjoy your weekend!🍺