Meet Hank Wisner, Co-founder of a Building Super’s Training Guide to Handling Extraordinary Emergencies

Good Morning, Super!
Good Morning, Super!
Meet Hank Wisner, Co-founder of a Building Super's Training Guide to Handling Extraordinary Emergencies

This podcast is about Hank Wisner.You may already know Hank through the building trades if you, or your building, have ordered building supplies through National Maintenance Supply, one of NYC’s leading janitorial supplies and services company, which he represents.But, another surprising side to him is that Hank is also a great educator and the co-founder of the immensely popular Residential Manager Emergency Response Team (“RMERT”), a course that prepares an Resident Manager and other building staff for human-made or natural disasters, which he created with his partner, Peter Morici.This course is designed to turn building staff into first responders with knowledge about how to approach a catastrophic event in which lives are stake and where there may even be human casualties.

Hank and the RMERT instructors cover such topics as terrorism, high-rise fires, flooding, active shooter, among many others. They also provide hands-on training so that action is fast and effective on the part of building staff when things quickly turn dangerous and confusing.

In this episode, we talk with Hank about the RMERT course and what it takes behind the scenes to deliver this popular course year after year to NYC’s building staff.

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