Steam Boiler Checklist for Beginning Supers (Featuring Board Member)

Good Morning, Super!
Good Morning, Super!
Steam Boiler Checklist for Beginning Supers (Featuring Board Member)

One common source of anxiety for a Part-time Super who is just starting off in the industry is Boiler Maintenance. What should you do, as the part-time super, to minimally ensure that the boiler is properly maintained?

Knowing what to do and what not to do can be confusing and scary, given the many parts of the boiler and the consequences of when the boiler breaks down.

Should a Part-time Super simply leave the boiler care to others, or should you take this responsibility on? The answer should be YES, learn about the boiler and take this on!  Your value to the building increases with higher knowledge about the boiler, and what to do to in the event of:

  • A heating emergency (sudden loss of heat or hot water)
  • A boiler breakdown, and the super is needed as a first responder and troubleshooter

In this episode, I share a very simple checklist for you use as a starting point to learning more about the steam boiler. This checklist is for making sure your boiler is maintained and operating correctly.

I filmed this episode inside the boiler room of a small, 10-unit Co-op in the Upper West Side with a unique boiler setup (for instance, the boiler body is set too low compared with the water heater, causing all sorts of problems). Your boiler may have its own quirks, so make sure you learn about them.  

What I learned from making this episode is that there are Building Supers who understand AND are probably MUCH better at teaching this subject than I am.   

If this person is you, I bow to you! Reach out to me – let’s do an episode together and get you the recognition you deserve.