Three Simple Steps to Writing a Great Resume (Part 1)

Good Morning, Super!
Good Morning, Super!
Three Simple Steps to Writing a Great Resume (Part 1)

I hope you had a fantastic week!

As for me, this strange week started with an electrical short that threw both booster pumps to the “off” position and, simultaneously, disengaged the low water alarm. Hours later and without any alarm, 420 apartments had no water and I found my Monday dragging on for several hours past 5pm.

During this same week, two elevators were suddenly knocked out of service, stranding 21 floors of residents to the sweltering stairwells. 

Can I keep going? Absolutely.  

With all this going on, I’m sure that resume-writing is the last thing to think about on your list of to-do’s. We’re often exhausted after a full week of work, especially when things don’t go as planned. 

But, when it comes to resume-writing, did you know that…

... you should be updating your resume at least once per year?

… your resume only has 6 to 7 seconds to make an impression on the recruiter before it goes in the YES or NO pile?

…  recruiters only look at big titles, dates, and a VERY small amount of your actual experience?

These points should urge you to spend quality time every so often revising your resume and putting in as much care as you would into the technical aspects of your job.

This means not only adding things blindly to your resume, but thinking about how you’ve changed as a professional since your last resume draft, and what this means in terms of your value to a potential employer.   

In this podcast episode, we’ll look at three simple rules to guide you in making an amazing resume.

We’ll apply these three rules to an actual resume from a real candidate in this industry, and show you how we transform this resume into one that creates interest and keeps the recruiter’s attention for more than 7 seconds.

Part 1 is about the three basic rules of resume-writing to follow.

Part 2 shows how to apply these three rules to an actual resume.

Part 3 is about making the resume visually attractive to stand out from the rest of the pack.

Watch the YouTube version to follow along and see the resume transformation.

So, sit back, grab a beverage of choice and have a great listen!