“TRUST ME, I’M YOUR BUILDING SUPER” – 25 Ways to Earn or Burn Trust with your Customers

Good Morning, Super!
Good Morning, Super!
“TRUST ME, I'M YOUR BUILDING SUPER” - 25 Ways to Earn or Burn Trust with your Customers

Happy Wednesday! – Congratulations, you’ve made it mid-week!

This past couple days, I’ve sat in on several interviews for open RM positions in various buildings. Mainly, I observed the questions and the candidates’ responses, and had the chance to learn which qualities Property Managers (PM) or Board members are looking for in their candidates.

While there’s a large list of qualities, such as technical knowledge and skill, that managers generally value in a Building Super, the one thing that I felt was the most important quality that they were trying to sense was whether he or she could be TRUSTED. 

Every job interview was really an investigation into whether the candidate is honest and whether he can be trusted. Without a “yes,” this candidate would most likely be rejected, whether or not he had the rest of the package.   

Moreover, without a feeling that you can TRUST a Building Super or Resident Manager, the job usually will not last. 

This episode looks at the common pitfalls that a Super (live-in and part-time) faces when it comes to building up and maintaining TRUST. It looks at the many ordinary tasks that Building Supers do that can expose you to the potential risk of your honesty being questioned, such as entering an apartment unsupervised, even with the most innocent of intentions.  

We also discuss ways to prevent TRUST from degrading and how to restore it when it’s down. 

Sit back, grab your favorite drink and enjoy this podcast. Cheers to a great “rest-of-the-week”! 🍻🍺