“Trust Me, I’m Your Super” PART 2 – How To Gain *and Keep *Trust With Your Customers

Good Morning, Super!
Good Morning, Super!
"Trust Me, I'm Your Super" PART 2 - How To Gain *and Keep *Trust With Your Customers

Friday is finally here. For those who’s had a long and crazy week, I salute you. 

This week’s podcast is the 2nd PART of the episode on “Trust Me, I’m Your Super.” You may be thinking “WHAT? How much can we talk about honesty and trustworthiness?

In my opinion, probably not enough. As a basic human need, we want to trust someone and be trusted by others. 

But, as a building super, though, there’s a whole lot more riding on the trust that others bestow you with.

In your role as the building’s authority figure and agent, you have stewardship over the building’s parts and expensive mechanicals, and are in charge of safety and welfare of the residents and their guests, building vendors, etc.

And it may be a fact that no one else in the WORLD has a complete access to the apartment, homes and lives of every resident who lives inside your building. A lot of us become like family to the residents who live inside our building. 

Trust and honesty are the bedrock of a Building Superintendent position, which is a heavy responsibility to bear. And, like everything else, we just need to remember this and polish it up once in a while so that we keep these traits from slipping or doing things that make it seem that we’ve slipped up.  

So, we continue with the goal of PART 1:

“This episode looks at the common pitfalls that a Super (live-in and part-time) faces when it comes to building up and maintaining TRUST. It looks at the many ordinary tasks that Building Supers do that can expose you to the potential risk of your honesty being questioned, such as entering an apartment unsupervised, even with the most innocent of intentions.  

We also discuss ways to prevent TRUST from degrading and how to restore it when it’s down.” 

Sit back, grab your favorite end-of-week drink and enjoy this podcast. Cheers to a successful week accomplished and a great weekend ahead!