Write like a Pro – A Super’s Guide to Email Etiquette – Part 1

Good Morning, Super!
Good Morning, Super!
Write like a Pro - A Super's Guide to Email Etiquette - Part 1

Happy Wednesday! 

In case you don’t know it yet, you are going to have a great rest of the week!

For all of the things that can happen in a week, like water leaks and mechanicals breaking down, the very last thing that a Building Super probably thinks about is email etiquette.

But, emailing is part of our everyday life as Building Supers. We write, copy and forward emails to residents, building managers and vendors. We send documents, links, etc. 

Or, we use emails simply to keep a party informed about what’s going on. We keep these emails as record for later when we need to recall what happened in a certain situation. 

Because emails are central to communication nowadays and because they often replace face-to-face, direct verbal communication, we should look at emailing as a way we represent ourselves to others as accurately and professionally as possible. 

There are many ways that our message can get lost in email communication or what we say can be taken the wrong way. Sometime, this can lead to conflict and confusion, which can escalate needlessly when emails are written carelessly.

In this podcast, we’ll look at simple ways to prevent those problems that occur because of careless email habits.  For instance, how starting and ending emails can set the tone for a clear, pleasant communication with others. 

I focus on this topic because the last thing a Building Super needs during the course of a busy and stressful week is more drama added onto it. Great email writing can subtract from it. Poor email writing can add to it. Simple as that. 

Moreover, emails are a form of customer service. The better you are in customer service, the higher your value and the salary you can command.  

For this episode, you’ll need to watch the Youtube video as there are some visual aids to the podcast.

In addition, Jennifer has create simple guide for you to follow in order to start off with the right email habits. 

Here is a template you can use to copy and paste into your emails. 

Let’s get started!